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m + cherry print dress

February 18, 2009

🙂 i practically ordered Murphy to be my model for my make up class. I did a 40’s look — I thought she’d be perfect for it, what with her curly hair and big eyes.. and nice lips. And I was right.

PS. She rocked the cherry print dress. Yey.

hello little lady!

this is her before the lady warpaint:

Close up shot of her lashes – I got these falsies from The Face Shop for about 115php.
I didn’t put eyeshadow on her. I was short on time, so to add depth, I just used the darkest shade on my kryolan palette (which, by the way, was really worth the moolah i forked out . five shades of foundation with buildable coverage. you get shades for contouring, highlighting and mixing the exact skin tone.and it. stays. put.)

Hihi. Very amateurish pa, but I enjoyed dolling her up.

More pics:

before the lipstick (which took me a long time to apply. my hands are so shaky!)

i think she’s getting tired of hamming it up for her ate…

tarantula eyes! tarantula eyess!

Products used:

kryolan ultrafoundation -i used 3 shades. the lightest one for highlighting, the darkest one for her eyelids. the next lightest as a highlight foundation (middle of face) and the medium color for the rest.

laura mercier secret concealer

laura mercier secret brightening powder

MAC studiofix in nc45

coastal scents contour palette – used the dark brown for contouring, the lightest for extra highlighting, the lighter pink as a blush.

shu uemura hard pencil #9 (dark brown)

artdeco eyeliner pencil, dark brown

fanny serrano black gel eyeliner

-The Face Shop false eyelashes (XLH)

Victoria’s Secret Smooth Talk lippy in Queen of Hearts

Nichido red lipliner

l’oreal clear lipgloss


channeling the roaring 20’s with a glu stik?

February 14, 2009

Thanks to this youtube video I found, I managed to recreate a 20’s eye without shelling out for spirit gum, brow wax and brow sealer (which adds up to a whopping 2,000 php).



Materials used:


Laura Mercier Secret Concealer

Fanny Serrano Concealer in Sand (as a foundation)

The Balm Concealer

Revlon black eyeliner

Artdeco Eyeliner , Dark Brown

Coastal Scents Neutral Palette


I didn’t get to take how-to pictures as this was a spur of the moment thing, but let me try to break down the process for ya:

1. cleanse, tone, moisturize. let dry.

2. with a glustick,, smear 2 coats of glue on your eyebrows. Video on this can be found here  . Let dry. Be patient, as a dry, fully covered  brow is crucial.

3. apply concealer in a patting motion. don’t wipe it on, as it might rub off the glue. Cover it completely,  and b lend with the surrounding areas of the skin. My Laura Mercier concealer has an orange tinge to it, so it cancelled out the bluish black mark of my brows.

4.apply a foundation over the brows and your face.

5.draw a thin, curved brow above your natural eyebrows. here i followed my natural brow, as it was easier. I suggest marking the ends and the arch with a brow to ensure you get an even curve.

6.Apply foundation a shade darker on your eyelid, to add natural depth. Then I applied a coppery brown eyeshadow and a black eyeshadow on my lids. Check out the pictures for placement guides.

7. line eyes all around. apply mascara. I believe false eyelashes would look great here. I would probably apply black wax to the ends to produce a beaded effect.

8. apply foundation all over lips.

8. draw a small, pouty mouth with a lipliner. fill in with a red lippy ( i used a brownish pink one here tho)


It’s pretty easy. I only made up half of my face as I got sleepy already. Took me about 20 minutes, tops.

Hope you liked it!

 I’d pair it with a beaded and fringed black dress, heels and a happy shimmy 😀

the brushes..

February 12, 2009

they have arrived!!
I bought these 5 Bobbi Brown face brushes online over the weekend.


I got the blush, blender, foundation and powder brush. They have such a nice feel to them. I can’t wait to try them out on my sister tomorrow! We’ll be going for a 40’s look. I have to shop for lashes and a nice lippy later..which reminds me.. I better start looking for inspiration the form of pictures.  Roar. Hello pinup girls!

Just a note — I did the maalox trick on my face today, and I like how it controlled my t-zone. I’m also loving the violet base at The Face Shop. I’ve been having late nights, and my skin’s not in its best form. So any brightening is very much welcome!

I have on:
The Face Shop Violet Base
Laura Mercier secret concealer
Nichido multiple stick in South Beach
Shu Uemura Hard Pencil #9

didn’t powder for today 🙂

This is just a quick post. Will do more detailed ones on Maalox, and a couple of product reviews soon  (kryolan ultrafoundation, nichido south beach, FS blush, etc. ) ❤

sister post!

February 1, 2009

thank god for little sisters.

…college level sisters who are too busy to groom their eyebrows much and are in that stage of t-zone oil slicks.

great practice for me, the older sis!

My assignment was to do another neutral look, so that’s what I did on M today.

The requisite before picture:


M is 18 years old. She’s got combination skin (like me!), neglected eyebrows (books before brows…:) ). Like any teenager who stays up, she’s got a few spots here and there, and dark undereye circles.

-I started by grooming her brows. She’s been experimenting with the shape, and I didn’t really want to take away that much, so I just brushed up the hairs and trimmed ’em (asian eyebrows =longish hairs that grow downward). After that, I mixed up some foundation, matching it with the skin color of her neck, and evened out her complexion with some concealer as well. I did a little contouring, but nothing major, as I’m keeping it light.


Gave her a tad bit of color on her cheeks using Lancome…I forgot the shade. It’s a dusty pinkish blush. I really need to get more blushes…
Then I used my neutral palette — a dark brown and the ivory pan, to create a simple look. Lined her eyes with FS black gel eyeliner. We skipped the mascara on this one.



Final results– a clean and fresh look. I think we both love her new ‘brows!


Thanks M! Enjoy 😀

working out

January 31, 2009

While I was writing the previous post, my mum passed by and tapped my arm. She said “Your arms are looking..macho” and

“Are you eating well?”

of course I had to point at the culprits for my muscular left arm (popeye! sob sob!)


here’s my case opened:


Not much, but everything I’ve got in there is in heavy rotation 🙂

Commuting to and fro (taking the MRT at rush hour MWF.. egad!) is certainly giving me quite a workout. Hehehehehe.


A mini FOTD:


-laura mercier secret concealer
– laura mercier secret brightening powder
-mistine mini magic blush ( i forgot what it’s called. it looks white in the tube, but changes to a rosy pink when it comes in contact with skin)
-clinique quickliner in grape 15
-fanny serrano gel liner in black
– shu uemura hard pencil #9
– mac studio fix nc45 (i was told it’s too dark for me, but i like it fine!)

happy weekend to y’all! 🙂

neutral look

January 31, 2009

meet Vanessa, my model for my neutral look practice sesh.




products used:

MAC liquid foundation in NC
Monistat Anti Chafing Gel (as primer)
laura mercier secret concealer
laura mercier secret brightening powder
NYC matte bronzer
MAC hyper real extra light
Shu Uemura Hard Pencil #9
Artdeco eyeliner, dark brown
Coastal Scents Neutral Palette
Maybelline mascara

This is a lot better than my early eyeshadow attempts. It’s not great yet, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually! I’ve been practicing and practicing 🙂
This is a simple look I wouldn’t mind wearing myself.

Vanessa said this was a huge improvement over my first look on her… in her own words, my attempted smokey eye made her look like” sinapak sya” (someone socked her in the eye).

She had a pretty even complexion, so I didn’t have much trouble there. I just mixed some liquid foundation to match the color of her neck, and we were good to go. I did a little contouring, but probably not enough for it to withstand the camera’s flash. jajaja

Product Comments:
-NYC Matte bronzer is my least expensive go-to bronzer. I use it so much that in 3 month’s time, I’ve already hit the pan part. I’m going to miss this when it’s used up!

-Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel is also my least expensive primer. It works for me because it makes the foundation glide on. I don’t really notice it controlling shine or oil though!

-Shu Uemura Hard Pencil 9 – my partner for life. It makes for such a natural looking brow! And the pencil is quite long. I got mine for about 1300php, but no regrets because with this much product, I’m set for a year or two. I plan to buy another pencil, this time in the Seal Brown shade.

-MAC Hyper Real in Extra Light – this was recommended to me as a highlighter. I’m not that impressed (thank god it was just a freebie!) . For one thing, it has shimmer , so it won’t really face up well with the camera. Another is, it barely shows up.

-the Coastal Scents Neutral Palette – I really appreciate having this palette around. I’m a big fan of neutrals, so I don’t regret getting this at all. The color payoff on some is weak and chalky, but there are more good colors than bad, so for it’s relatively low price, I’m satisfied.

contouring practice

January 27, 2009

I’ve been trying to produce cheekbones out of my face. It’s a bit hard, especially with the lighting in the house.

I used NYC bronzer for contouring. I like it because it’s matte .  Was supposed to use Toffee from Fanny Serrano, but it’s too light for me. Tsk tsk. Makeup counters should have more natural light.

But to be fair, SM’s lighting has vastly improved.

Anyway, for highlighting, i used MAC hyper real in extra light. It was a freebie from my purchase yesterday. It’s a nice highlighter, very subtle.

Excuse the muddy eyes.  I haven’t gotten the hang of eye makeup yet. I was practicing with my 28-pc coastal scents neutral palette. I think I need to layer on more color, no?


Also on my face — celeteque moisturizer (i love this stuff. i mix it with my heavier moisturizers too!), laura mercier secret concealer, l.m. secret brightening powder, shu uemura hard pencil for my eyebrows (i love this pencil. we are life partners). oh and mac studio fix powder compact in nc45. Apparently it’s too dark for my skin. But I’m quite happy with it. I’d rather that than too light.

chin chan chu nightmares, anyone?