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February 23, 2009

eat the kimono. don’t let the kimono eat you.

smart words from an obscure smart man. they sprang to mind when i saw this cute girl wearing what looked like an insanely expensive dress. she was tugging at the hem, fussing with the cloth. walking so stiffly, in her amazing looking shoes.


(i love how style can’t always be bought.)

yesterday i saw this beautiful gay boi wearing stovepipe jeans, a loud shirt and leather ankle sneakers (with the right slouch and extra long laces. good boy!). He carried his things in what looked like a thrifted quilted purse.

effin’ a, he walked like a bloody gift.

i loved him that very moment.


oh stylecrushettes.

I like walking down streets, sitting at street corners. I like watching people. And it’s funny how I get inspiration from the most random things, like, say my lola’s daster or an office lady’s ripped stocking, mended with a dot of candy polish.

a mailman’s bag, full leather, groaning at the seams. catholic school girl socks & seams. a cigar vendor’s funny shirt, worn thin.

i love textures, not just on textiles. i like polished cement, conglomerate walls. i like distressed wood and galvanized iron. i like oil rainbows in puddles.


and i want to wear them all! hahahahha.

i found a clip from bande a part by jean luc godard. and i have to say, it’s one of my favorite scenes. everything’s so cool and stylish. the little dance, gestures. her bangs her hair her breasts pushing against the sweater. hayyy. thank you.

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