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beauty crack

February 23, 2009

kidding, kidding. keep off substances, kids! you need all the brain cells you have!

My first Coastal Scents order arrived after almost a month (i know! egad!). I got a pack of Silica Spheres. It’s supposedly a dupe for a certain brand’s super expensive, fabulous finishing powder.

I like it. I immediately tried the powder (left my compact at home), and took a picture with photobooth.


(hello everyone! happy mondayyyy! :D) My brows need dire attention. I’ve been too busy to pay them (and the rest of my face, for that matter) much attention. Finals are coming up and I’m feeling the stress.


See? No t-zone oiliness.


 I get shiny in that area a lot. And my photobooth pictures always, always leave me shiny.

exhibit A:


yakk. I especially hate the shiny bit  in the brow area.




I would just like to add a message from Coastal Scents that addresses the controversy regarding this product. I’ve done a lot of reading on this topic, especially since I wanted to try it out. I have no regrets about buying this powder at all.


Our Silica powder is a very smooth, silky, translucent fine white powder used in cosmetics. It is highly absorbant and used for oil control. It improves slip in cosmetic blends and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Silicones are a widely used group of oils and compounds, derived from the mineral silica. Silicones are water repellant and very stable. There is no known toxicity when used externally.

Tests show it has been successfully used in hypoallergenic/hypoallerfenic and allergy tested formulations. 

This can be used  for slip in small amounts , oil control formulations of mineral makeup. Use in smaller amounts in dry skin formulations.


Update to controversy due to customer demand:

About the hype, thank you for emailing, I will offer you informed and professional facts about this. I have a standard text message that I am using due to so many consumers have been mis informed and do not know any better. The funny thing is that it is now called Coastal Scents Silica, this product is sold by dozens of companies online, the same exact powder. We are not exclusive and not the only retailer. 

About Silica Powder

We do not claim that our silica is the exact same product as the HD powder sold by Makeup Forever. We do not have the technical data sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from HD MUF. However, the technical specification and the MSDS of our silica powder is published on our website. We carry 100% silica, HD claims their product is 100% silica. The only way to personally compare them would be to have a jar of HD and a Jar of our Silica. By rubbing the product between your fingers, seeing the consistency of each, you will be able to make your own informed decision. 

Our product is cosmetic grade and FDA approved. We are aware of consumers concerns about the Silicosis disease that has been talked about in several blogs and on a youtube video. 

The recourse that those concerns are based on is wikipedia:

According to wikipedia, the miners of silica mines are the ones at high risk due to extreme exposure of high concentrations of silica dust. After working in these conditions daily for 15 to 20 years they are at risk to contract Silicosis. Much like coal miners being at risk for Black Lung.

Silica is the second most common mineral on earth and used by 100’s of cosmetic companies in products: lotions, creams, foundations, skin care products and more. There is no known or proven risk involved using this product other than stated in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Silica goes through several processes and approval prior to being used in cosmetics, it is safe to use alone or with other powders. The reason I like using other powders with it is to give it more adhesion, this way I get full benefits from using it when it stays on longer. 

Thank you for your concern and your choice to understand the facts about this


also,  a related discussion from The Beauty Brains 😀

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  1. February 23, 2009 8:40 am

    heyy! the eyebrow corrector is waterproof. so, i’m guessing it will last for a pretty long time. haha. i actually haven’t noticed but it didn’t completely disappear at the end of the day, if that’s what you’re concerned about. 🙂

    • rougerogue permalink*
      February 23, 2009 4:43 pm

      good to hear! i’ve been lemming over it for a week already. i should give in soon. thanks sab!

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