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sister post!

February 1, 2009

thank god for little sisters.

…college level sisters who are too busy to groom their eyebrows much and are in that stage of t-zone oil slicks.

great practice for me, the older sis!

My assignment was to do another neutral look, so that’s what I did on M today.

The requisite before picture:


M is 18 years old. She’s got combination skin (like me!), neglected eyebrows (books before brows…:) ). Like any teenager who stays up, she’s got a few spots here and there, and dark undereye circles.

-I started by grooming her brows. She’s been experimenting with the shape, and I didn’t really want to take away that much, so I just brushed up the hairs and trimmed ’em (asian eyebrows =longish hairs that grow downward). After that, I mixed up some foundation, matching it with the skin color of her neck, and evened out her complexion with some concealer as well. I did a little contouring, but nothing major, as I’m keeping it light.


Gave her a tad bit of color on her cheeks using Lancome…I forgot the shade. It’s a dusty pinkish blush. I really need to get more blushes…
Then I used my neutral palette — a dark brown and the ivory pan, to create a simple look. Lined her eyes with FS black gel eyeliner. We skipped the mascara on this one.



Final results– a clean and fresh look. I think we both love her new ‘brows!


Thanks M! Enjoy 😀

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