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neutral look

January 31, 2009

meet Vanessa, my model for my neutral look practice sesh.




products used:

MAC liquid foundation in NC
Monistat Anti Chafing Gel (as primer)
laura mercier secret concealer
laura mercier secret brightening powder
NYC matte bronzer
MAC hyper real extra light
Shu Uemura Hard Pencil #9
Artdeco eyeliner, dark brown
Coastal Scents Neutral Palette
Maybelline mascara

This is a lot better than my early eyeshadow attempts. It’s not great yet, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually! I’ve been practicing and practicing 🙂
This is a simple look I wouldn’t mind wearing myself.

Vanessa said this was a huge improvement over my first look on her… in her own words, my attempted smokey eye made her look like” sinapak sya” (someone socked her in the eye).

She had a pretty even complexion, so I didn’t have much trouble there. I just mixed some liquid foundation to match the color of her neck, and we were good to go. I did a little contouring, but probably not enough for it to withstand the camera’s flash. jajaja

Product Comments:
-NYC Matte bronzer is my least expensive go-to bronzer. I use it so much that in 3 month’s time, I’ve already hit the pan part. I’m going to miss this when it’s used up!

-Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel is also my least expensive primer. It works for me because it makes the foundation glide on. I don’t really notice it controlling shine or oil though!

-Shu Uemura Hard Pencil 9 – my partner for life. It makes for such a natural looking brow! And the pencil is quite long. I got mine for about 1300php, but no regrets because with this much product, I’m set for a year or two. I plan to buy another pencil, this time in the Seal Brown shade.

-MAC Hyper Real in Extra Light – this was recommended to me as a highlighter. I’m not that impressed (thank god it was just a freebie!) . For one thing, it has shimmer , so it won’t really face up well with the camera. Another is, it barely shows up.

-the Coastal Scents Neutral Palette – I really appreciate having this palette around. I’m a big fan of neutrals, so I don’t regret getting this at all. The color payoff on some is weak and chalky, but there are more good colors than bad, so for it’s relatively low price, I’m satisfied.

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