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home made quick brush cleaner

January 27, 2009

My brushes had a quick cleaning the other night. I used them for a little bit of practice (especially my new brushes– MAC 208, 217 and 228). See how happy they look…


I thought I’d share the recipe for a homemade quick brush cleaner I got from fabulous Enkore! It’s very simple, and chances are, you’ve got them lying about your house!

You’ll need:

1 cup         distilled water
1/4 cup    70% alchohol

1/2 tbsp   dishwashing liquid –if it can take away adobo grease…
1/2 tbsp   baby shampoo  — no tears formula! 😀
1 tbsp        spray on/leave on conditioner

1                  mixing jar — i used a beer mug. hehehehe
1                  measuring cup — mine has a spout, so no need for a funnel
1                  tablespoon — i eyeballed the measurements. be a good girl
and use a measuring spoon!

  1. Pour in the distilled water
  2. Photobucket

  3. The alchohol
  4. Photobucket

  5. Add in the dishwashing, shampoo and conditioner
  6. PhotobucketPhotobucket

  7. Stir carefully, avoid any sudsing!
  8. Photobucket

  9. Finished product
  10. Photobucket

  11. I watered the nearby plants with the rest of the water and poured in the product inside the water bottle.  For safety reasons, i re-labelled the bottle.  I wouldn’t want any dolt one chugging it down!
  12. Photobucket

To use:

watch Enkore’s video on how to clean your brushes. Cleaning is recommended at least every other day. I do deep cleaning once a week now.

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