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ramble, ramble

January 10, 2009

that’s Athena. She’s the niece of Tara 😀 Cute eh?


I think a lot of girls had this moment… sneaking out mom’s lippy, trying it on for size.

Feeling grown up and glam…

what did shade did she use… Revlon’s Ravishing Raisin?


 Or some other shade conveniently lost in the sands of time. Forgetfulness comes in handy when it comes to one’s early forays into make up.


In terms of skill, I’d say I fall under the Beginner’s category. I have yet to learn how to do great eyeliner, I know zilch about lipstick, I rarely use foundation, and eyelash curlers scare the bejesus out of me.

At the same time I’ve been fascinated with the little girly rituals. I like the whole process of Pretty.


I think I got hooked early on, watching my mum prep for her flights. 


My mom’s responsible for my curly hair fixation, by the way. She has such pretty curls.


 I tried having a perm once. I only wore my hair down a couple of times.. I sure got a lot of pseudo Korean wisecracks out of that ‘un :p


Here’s a picture of my favorite kitschy little purse:


There’s a chopped-up socialite inside my bag. Kidding, kidding…

…and my current love, a suede fringed skirt i got from a thrift shop…


little fringe-y movement!


Ignore the silly face and the meaty stems (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

In the second picture, you’ll see my almost everyday boots– they’ve got doll-heads printed on the fabric.

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