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Suesh Travel Brush Set

January 8, 2009

I’m channeling my inner kikay gir (sic) here, and so should you. hehehehe. we can resume normal programming after.

this is a first, be kind.

I’ve been starting to build my own make up stash — it’s easy enough to decide on what I want to have but since we all know want is inversely proportional to contents of wallet , i’ve been doing the rounds on local make up blogs. And they seem to have a number of things in common– among them MAC and Suesh brushes.

MAC – damn expensive (but v. v. v. v. v. v. nice)
Suesh- affordable

How affordable? Let’s just say my recent purchase got me a set of 5 brushes for 900php — 300php less than what my big brush from The Body Shop cost. It also costs less than the mini brush set from The Face Shop (at 1200php/set, I have yet to try that one out).



They come in a soft faux leather case, with individual holders and plastic shields on the lippy and blush/powder brush. The case is rolled and held closed by a metal clasp. I didn’t care much for the clasp, it felt a bit flimsy. But I have to say, having ’em in a case is a lot better than banana finger-ing your way through the make up jungle that is your zippered case (ahem), looking for a rogue brush.


The brush handles are a nice, glossy red. The length is just right, you don’t feel like a fat fingered gorilla smearing things at all — as of this writing, the sad little applicators from my eye shadows have ceased to exist 😉

I washed the brushes before using them, just to see how well they would hold up after a sudsy encounter. The blush/powder brush had some hairs that stubbornly stuck out , but other than that, they looked just about the same.

Check out the difference between The Body Shop’s biggish all around brush (after 10++ washes) bristles and Suesh’s (after 1x)
look at the man’s slit throat in the background. special fx make up is so wonderful!


Anyway, on to the individual reviews..

1. The Blush/Powder Brush – this i like. It’s full, quite soft on the face…imagine a cute little fox wagging it’s fluffy tail on your rapidly getting sleepy f… anyway, you get my drift. This compact brush picks up and distributes your setting/blusher/bronzer powder nicely.

For everyday use, I’d choose it over the bulkier Body Shop Brush.

See? The corpulent bloke fancies it too!


2. The Eyeshadow Brush & Smudge Brush — I placed them under one item because I’m on a no makeup -makeup kick. The rare times I use eye shadow, I just use the light shimmery shade from the Face Shop’s Baked Trio (brown, if you were wondering). Let me just say the bristles are firm, and not scratchy at all. They pick up the powder/pigment well. And their different sizes guarantee a shot at experimenting with shading for the beginner.

They smooth on the color nicely. The length of the handles make you feel in control. I’m repeating myself because I’ve been at the mercy of those little iffy paddles forever.

Chewbacca is jealous of A Man Called Horse’s gorgeous eye socket shadowing…


The secret, they say, is to blend blend blend…


3. The Eyebrow Brush– If you’re a survivor of a) The Unibrow Years *cough b) The Wait Is That Baby Hair or… Eye..brows… Phase, you’d have a rather unhealthy fixation over the status of your brows. I know do. It’s a struggle to keep them in shape, and since I’ve recently converted to eyebrow powder instead of the usual crayon (because short strokes still look unnatural on me) , this brush Very Welcome.

If you’re using that… twig stick that comes free with your powder, please let go.

Good brows open up your featureslikewhoa. iz like a magic!


3. The Concealer/Lip Brush – I wouldn’t use this as a concealer brush; it’s too narrow for eyebags- coverage. It’ll probably do for dark zit scars in a pinch, I guess. I tried this as a lippy brush, and it works fine.
Using a brush for your lipstick is great — controlled application, and you get to use up everything (and not have to try to dig your lip into the bottom of the tube as I’ve seen some ladies do..not pretty). And if you wash your brush often, it’s also the more sanitary way of rouging up.

Arsenic-ingesting ladies benefit as well!


All in all, I think it’s a great buy, if you’re looking for something basic that works well and won’t kill your beauty budget in one blow. It’s small enough to schlep around, spiffy looking enough to whip out at the powder room.

The Suesh 5- Piece Set is your man, rookies. Take it out for a little spin, see if you don’t find yourself loving it!

Suesh Brushes can be ordered through the site
Check out their other offerings–

Mineral Make Up girls should try their Kabuki brush and, I’ve noticed that
make up students are buying out their stock of the 16s, 12s, and 28s sets

my everyday war paint takes 5 minutes or so:


concealer on dark spots –eyebags (!), chin, sides of the nose…

dk brown brow powder, a little highlighter underneath the brow, wash of light brown on eyelid, teensy bit of blush. I’m trying out the mineral powder foundation from Revlon. The brush that comes with it sucks, if I may add.

I’d like to thank my Book Sale find,


for the backgrounds. It’s an informative and inspiring read! The chapters on shading techniques and special effects are great. And this is where I first read about Kryolan make up.

OK, I’m done wrestling with html now.
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  1. tin permalink
    January 19, 2009 2:32 pm

    nice blog i suppose.. moorreeee…

    • rougerogue permalink*
      January 20, 2009 10:00 am

      haha 🙂 “i suppose” is good enough for now tin. thankss!

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