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DIY Threading

January 8, 2009


I was born with a unibrow. At the tender age of 6 i took my daddy’s razor and started shaving. i ended up with a veritable path between my brows that enraged mi mama. Almost nine years later, I’m still fighting the good fight.

Everyone wants the perfect brow. But it’s a long, arduous task. And it can get expensive.

I usually employ tweezing and threading to get rid of the renegade hairs. It’s very rare for me to shave, since I have to take out a lot (that is not an overstatement), and there’s nothing worse than a 5 o’clock shadow above your peepers.

Tweezing is a breeze, what with my Tweezerman (I’m the cult leader, I tell ya), and I’m here to tell you threading can be learned.

In LA, i noticed professional threading cost $8-11. Here in Manila, it can set you back from 80-500+php (insane margin, right thar!).

But with artistic vision determination and courage and an empty a spool of cotton thread… you can add threading to your prettifying skillz and minus a couple hundred pesos from your kikay expenses.

Presenting, asian lady from YouTube…

I rec using a shorter piece of thread than usual at first. Working with a small loop is easier when you’re starting out. I practiced on my leg hair before moving on to my eyebrows.

Mine aren’t perfect, but I’ll get there!


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